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SOCP® Suit


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Product Description

SOCP® Suit Sizes:

Small / Medium Large: Part # TXSSM-US
Large / Extra Large: Part # TXLXL-US
Berry Compliant

Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP®) Suit was designed with over 15 years of feedback from the most Elite Units in the world. The SOCP® Suit is American-made and Berry Compliant.
The SOC® Suit and accessories are critical for fighting and training with intense authenticity. Designed for close quarters and scenario training, each part of the suit contains innovative technology with high performance shock absorption and impact protection.

The SOCP® Suit is made of high-quality, never-tear fabrics formulated to protect from disease, helping to combat the growing number of outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Staphylococcus infections, and other harmful viruses and bacteria. The suit was designed to be easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.

The form-fitting helmet easily adjusts to a comfortable and safer fit with a quick-lace, simple method allowing you to tighten the helmet one-handed with just the use of your thumb
Part of the Face shield can be removed completely to adapt to MMA training and certain training scenarios
The eye shield allows greater visibility and peripheral vision
The visor is scratch resistant and will not fog-up
One size fits all

The outer material is antimicrobial and can be wiped down to prevent the spread of STAPH and MRSA
On the front is a clear, plastic pocket to hold Opposing Force (OPFOR) identification and/or for running scenarios where you need visual recognition of subjects to differentiate multiple wearers of the SOCP® Suit. Also great for labeling suits when storing several at a time
The shoulder pads are removable for realistic fighting and flexibility
For reinforced protection, the IXP™ padding is used strategically to deflect the impact from hits and strikes during intense training

Designed with training in mind, the bottoms include two concealed inner pockets to carry training weapons like knives, guns, grenades, and more
The padding can be removed for washing to prevent the spread of STAPH and MRSA
Padding can be added to reduce impact on heavy hit areas or removed for mobility for kicking and knees
Innovative padding is used in strategic locations for ultimate protection

The pads feature a unique slip-on design, making it fast to suit up and comfortable for the wearer
Easily adjustable, the pads are made of soft, flexible Lycra® with Biocide treatment to protect against biological growth
Elbow pads are ergonomically designed to stay in place and avoid slippage, while providing joint support

Designed for comfort and protection, the guards include innovative padding for more protection for training
The guards are constructed from Biocide-treated Lycra® to defend the wearer against infection.